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Connecticut Valley Hospital

Cable systems has been the cable vendor for 15 years.  This campus has 27 buildings with updated wiring for their voice and data needs. They have a variety of different categories of wiring depending on the time of the renovations.  We have also connected all of these buildings with a major copper and fiber backbone.  They are currently using the media between their facilities for voice, data, CCTV, security, card access, fire alarms and computers. This backbone was installed in a major manhole and conduit system installed by others and Cable Systems crews.  Cable Systems is also in the design stage of migrating all of their data centers into one main data center. Along with this migration we are in the process of designing and installing a complete duplicate data center for emergency preparedness and HIPPA laws and concerns.

E.C. Goodwin Technical High School

This project included the installation of several hundred category 5E cables installed throughout the high school.  These cables were installed to multiple closets to stay within the 90 meter rule and to give the school the highest possible bandwidth to utilize their network for multiple purposes.  This network enables the school to operate multiple networks for real operations and classroom training purposes.  The multiple closets were connected with multimode fiber optics for the data connectivity and copper for the voice connection for the phone system.

Greenwich Hospital

This facility has used Cable Systems for the Fiber and Copper connectivity between several of the MDF to IDF’s.  We have also installed several hundred voice/data/data drops throughout the hospital. This closet project also has been between buildings at different addresses utilizing existing outdoor conduits and manholes.

Henry Abbott Technical High School

This project called for the installation of approximately 1000 category 5E cable locations throughout the entire school.  These cables were utilized for the data network as well as the new phone system installation.  These cables were installed to multiple closets to stay within 568 standards and proper network installation protocols.  The closets were connected with multi mode fiber optics as well as copper cable to allow connectivity for the entire school with digital telephones and peripheral devices such as fax machines and postage devices.

Housatonic Community College

This project calls for one of the first category 6A augmented installations in the state of Connecticut.  This project requires the installation of hardware and cable trays to install this very complex cable technology. The installation of this cable and connectivity hardware requires maximum bend radius from the closets all the way to the desktop.  All of the conduits and pathways will need to be installed with this in mind.  This technology requires double the size of a normal network pathway installation would require.  This installation calls for approximately 1500 single cable locations installed and tested to this new standard.  This project also calls for multiple closets throughout the campus to serve each area and stay within the new guidelines set for this new technology.  Fiber optic cabling and copper cabling will be required to each closet from the main telecommunications closet to connect all of their data and voice communications needs.  This network will allow transmission between the network devices at a transmission rate of 10 Gig to the desktop.

Howell Cheney Technical High School

This school required the installation of several hundred category 5E cable locations throughout the school.  This called for multiple closets to accomplish this and stay within the guidelines set in the 568 standards, building, local and state building codes.  These closets were also connected with fiber optic and copper cables from the main telecommunications closet.  This was a difficult installation due to the construction of this school, solid ceilings made this a time consuming install and many hours were spent installing the necessary hanger system to adhere to the above standards and staying out of the way of the construction that was going to be done at the same time.

Riverdale Country School

This project called for the installation of hundreds of category 5E cable locations in multiple buildings.  All of the buildings were designed and constructed in the manner to not allow of concealed cables.  This entire campus was constructed without drop tile ceilings in all of the major hallways and more importantly our main cable pathways to and from each of the multiple buildings and to the individual devices.  All of the pathways required a different size and type of cable tray, conduit or other hanger system hardware in a neat and discreet manner.  These pathways were installed and attached to their concrete structures, ceilings and walls.  In many areas the installation of exposed wiring was used due to the lack of ceiling space required to utilize metal pathways.  Approximately 15 buildings were cables with inter and intra communications cables to allow the use of the campus data communications network as well as the voice communication PBX.  This network allowed the students and faculty the ability to communicate between each other and their families via e mails and intercoms through the PBX to keep the local and long distance carrier bills to a minimum.  The network is also being utilized as a life safety device and to connect the buildings together with building management systems.

Rocky Hill Veteran's Memorial Hospital

This project included the installation of 450 voice,  data, data category six cable locations throughout the main building for a new phones and data system. This included many copper and fiber feeder cables between multiple closets.

Saint Francis Hospital

Cable Systems has been an approved contractor and have completed several projects for this hospital.  We are invited to every major project to bid against two other approved contractors. We have been supplying our services to this hospital for several years.

Sonitrol Communications

Sonitrol Communications has utilized Cable Systems as their main source of telecommunications and data network installations for 20 years.  Cable systems has installed over a million cables to their vast array of customers including the state of Connecticut.  The state of Connecticut has requested Cable Systems for all of their cable installation needs and in many instances request that only we be used for their installations.  They have grown to a very comfortable level of confidence in the level of service, craftsmanship and ability to meet and exceed construction deadlines and sometimes ridiculous requests without major change orders or large amounts of paperwork.  In fact when Sonitrol purchased their own facility, Cable Systems was called on to install a state of the art category six cable network for all of their communications needs.  This network is being utilized for their data, phone, fire, and security systems.  This network is also serving as their building automated services that are controlled from their own security consoles.  A tour of their site can be arranged at any time to view their network and their facility.


State of Connecticut Forensic Laboratory

Cable systems has been the contractor of choice for the forensic labs, We have been installing their horizontal wiring and backbone cabling for this facility for several years. This facility has also utilized us to connect many of the building on this campus with aerial and burial copper and fiber cable. We have also trenched and installed conduits for present and future communications pathways.

University of Connecticut Health Center

We have been the successful vendor for the service and ADHOC contract for the third year concurrently.  This is a very difficult facility and we have managed to keep the staff satisfied even with the most impossible of expectations.  Weekends and nights have become normal working hours for most of the MAC work at this facility.

Waterbury Hospital

This hospital has been using Cable Systems for 15 years, we have been involved in several thousand cable locations in multiple buildings.  We have also installed their copper and fiber backbone underground and on poles between 15 buildings.  Trench and conduits were installed in some cases to accomplish this project.

West Haven Veteran's Memorial Hospital

We have installed several thousand locations throughout multiple buildings. This includes a small minority of OR and clean room environments. Containment and special tools are required during a majority of this work.  We have just completed the pathways between all of their building on the main campus. This included the installation of 3000 ft of cable tray, conduits trenching in parking areas and lawns to make the copper project to follow possible.  The project includes several thousand feet of 200 pair between the main MDF to each of the 30 buildings on the campus.  This project allowed the hospital to install a new telephone switch. This project utilized 20 men for six weeks to accomplish.

Yale-New Haven Hospital

The Main Data Center features connectivity between 200 Cabinets.  Installation and service of main control of Information Storage.  Several thousand category six augmented cable runs between the 200 Cabinets in the main data center.  Multiple high pair count of Fiber Optic cables between the MC2 cabinets with LC duplex connectors.

The Data Center Disaster Recovery Site is located in a separate building. Duplicating the main data center including several hundred feet of 36” cable tray between all of the cabinets.  Several thousand locations spread out in the hospital utilizing our multiple containment units in critical areas including OR and clean room environments.

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